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Children are our future


My mother dreamed of becoming an actress, but she entered the culinary college. «When there is a shortage of products, a cook is always full» - decided her parents. While she was studying there, she often took part in different student amateur activities and once she was offered to transfer to the theatre college. Her father was against it and she couldn’t disobey his prohibition.

When I was a child, I wanted to become an artist; in high school – a journalist. My favorite subject was Literature. I was really into writing essays. I liked when they were read as exemplary to the whole class. When it was time to choose a place of studying, my relatives said to me that a family needed a medical worker. «You won’t do it anyway. What’s a ridiculous job “a journalist”! But nurses are always in demand.» - they said to me about my desire to enter the journalistic faculty. I was allowed to choose only the town: Kotlas or Arkhangelsk. As trains to Kotlas went more often than to Arkhangelsk, I chose the first one.

After 10 years of work in medicine, I’ve repeatedly changed my profession. Remembering myself in those circumstances, I advertised that I was ready to make a family portrait of families with their «ideal» children free of charge. Every parent could create for his child a character, which seemed to him most desirable. That is how a series of portraits has appeared. Making manipulations with the pictures, I guess some mental ground on which today's Russia can support the parents’ desires.