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In Russia, there are about 130 000 rural settlements. Many hamlets, villages and towns are in hundreds of kilometers from cities, millions of people live there. Medical aid is implemented by FMPs - midwife points in the most distant points from the city hospitals.

Usually FMPs is the primary pre-hospital chain of health care in rural areas. Depending on the situation, the paramedic in the village must carry out the functions of a therapist, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, gynecologist and other specialists. At any time of the day he should be ready to provide medical assistance.

In the state of FMP there should be 3 employees – feldsher and 2 nurses. But this is not always so, often all three positions are performed by a single person - because of low wages (between 12 and 15 thousand rubles), young professionals don't want to go to the countryside. Many medical facilities located in non - specialized buildings like former kindergartens, village clubs, the local administrations. Many of them have water and Central heating. For these reasons, currently, many FMP are closed - feldshers, who completed medical school, refuse to work in conditions of poor telephone communications, lack of Internet, water and heating.