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On the way to happy marriage


In modern Russian society with its cult of youth, beauty and consumerism, elderly people are left behind. An elderly person is associated in the collective consciousness rather with poverty, disability and abandonment then with welfare, peace and love.
The photographer explores how these stereotypes correspond to our reality conducting a photographic research on romantic relationship between people over the age of 60. She becomes a silent witness of characters' dates in cafes, parks, at dance floors of "houses of culture", at their homes. Some of them are in relationship for some time already, for the others the captured meeting was the first one. All the characters live in a small town of Kotlas in Arkhangelsk Oblast. Sweets, games, long walks, dancing interchange at a steady pace like recurring rituals. These things can hardly be explained by the logic of age. They fall in love, face various difficulties, sometimes break up – in other words, they are well on their way to fulfilling their dream of a happy union.